Eggs Benedict

Serves 6

  1. 12tb butter, room temperature
  2. 12 eggs + 6 yolks, whole eggs divided among 4 small cups
  3. 1/2 cup boiling water
  4. 2tsp lemon juice
  5. 1/8tsp cayenne pepper
  6. 2tb vinegar
  7. 1tsp salt
  8. 6 english muffins, split
  9. 12 slices canadian bacon
  • Whisk butter and egg yolks in a double-boiler over barely simmering water. Whisk in water. Continue whisking constantly until mixture reaches 160 degrees, about 7-10 minutes. Add 4-5 transfer to measuring cup and cover. Sauce can rest at room temperature for about an hour.
  • Fill a 12in non-stick skillet with water and 6-7. Bring to a boil, add eggs simultaneously, cover, take off-heat and rest for 6 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, broil muffins for 2-4 minutes. Add bacon and continue broiling for 1-2 minutes. If necessary, reheat sauce in microwave at 50 percent power for about a minute, stirring every 10 seconds.
  • Divide eggs over muffins and bacon. Top with 1-2tb sauce and serve.

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