Replace meat with extra veggies to make vegetarian

Serves 4-6

  1. 1 cup meat, cut into 1/2in pieces
  2. 1 cup veggies, cut into 1/2in pieces
  3. Aromatics/Spices
  4. 1tb butter
  5. 12 eggs
  6. 6tb half-and-half
  7. Fresh herbs
  8. 1/2 cup cheese
  • Brown meat in a 12in skillet. Add veggies and continue until almost cooked through. Add aromatics/spices for 1 minute and set aside.
  • Wipe out skillet, add butter and melt on med-high heat. Add 5-6 and scrape a spatula along bottom and sides of pan until eggs start clumping, about 2 minutes. Lower heat to low, add herbs and fold eggs until clumped and slightly wet, about 1 minute. Take off-heat, fold in meat-veggie mixture and cheese and serve.

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