Spice-rubbed brick cornish hen with pearl onions and spinach salad with feta and bacon vinaigrette

Serves 2

  1. 1/2tsp fennel seeds
  2. 1/2tsp cumin seeds
  3. 1/2tsp coriander seeds
  4. 3/4tsp salt
  5. 1/4tsp pepper
  6. 1/4tsp smoked paprika
  7. 1/8tsp mustard powder
  8. 1-1/2lb cornish hen, spatchcocked
  9. 2oz bacon
  10. 12 pearl onions
  11. 1tb extra-virgin olive oil
  12. 1tb red wine vinegar
  13. 1 small shallot
  14. 1/2tb mustard
  15. 1/2tsp thyme
  16. 3oz spinach
  17. 2oz feta
  • Toast 1-3. Crush, mix with 4-7 and rub over hen. Can be done a day ahead.
  • Render and crisp bacon and set aside. Remove all but 1/2tb fat, reserving remaining.
  • Place hen skin-side down, weigh down, scatter onions around edges and cook for 5 minutes. Transfer to a 500 degree oven and roast for 10-15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, combine bacon and reserved fat with 11-15 and toss with 16-17. Serve.

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